Spotlight Arts, Inc.


Cabaret for the Untold Stories of 2020

A virtual cabaret for local high school spring shows that were cancelled due to COVID-19

Spotlight Arts Inc. is organizing a virtual cabaret to celebrate local high school shows that were cancelled due to COVID-19. If your school show was cancelled and you would like to sing a song from the show or perform a monologue from the role you didn’t get the chance to play on stage, please fill out the google form by clicking on the blue button below and share what you would like to sing or act! We are going to put together a lineup based on the submissions we receive so each interested school has an opportunity to share a piece of their show's story that didn’t make it to the stage this year.

We want you to know that we are here for you all and we want to do whatever we can to keep theatre alive during these unprecedented times. Spotlight Arts Inc. fully supports and cares for all of our high school students, both past and present, and all of the wonderful local high school theater programs in our community. Please share your feedback and any interest in participating! We will come up with cabaret date options once we have a list of interested participants and availability based on the submissions we receive through the google form. 

Please also feel free to spread the word to any high school programs or students you know who may be interested. This is a completely free event and we would like to extend this opportunity to any local high school program in Putnam and Westchester, NY counties who would like to share their untold spring musical stories :) 

About Spotlight Arts Inc.: Spotlight Arts Inc. is a nationally recognized and award-winning youth theater company based in lower Putnam and Northern Westchester, NY. Voted "Most Loved Acting Program" in Northern Westchester, NY for the past two years in a row, Spotlight Arts is dedicated to empowering young individuals with high quality theatre arts education and putting young artists center stage. 

Stephanie Scuderi, Executive Director
Spotlight Arts Inc. 

More information on the official cabaret date

will be released soon!

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