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Play On!

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Summer Mainstage 2015

About the rehearsals

This mainstage program is audition only and is a larger scale commercial production that offers professional direction to the young actor at an intensive pace. The cast meets for rehearsal twice a week and rehearses every day for tech/show week. This program requires a high level of commitment and line memorization must be done independently by September 23rd.  Only one absence is allowed – pre-approved absences submitted on the audition form are accepted. This is an ensemble piece, so when even one person is missing, it is difficult to rehearse the play. You may schedule an audition appointment here.. If cast, parent is responsible for paying the program fee of $150 due on August 25th.

About "Play On!" 

The show calls for 3 men and 7 women, but there is some gender flexibility with several of the characters. Most of the actors are actually playing two roles - one in Play On and one in the “internal play” Murder Most Foul. There are 4 characters don’t do “double duty” - the stage manager, the director, the techie & the playwright. Ages of the characters range from 17 to 60+ so our students will be aged to look a bit older. ☺ 

Play On is about a small community group of actors staging a new play, Murder Most Foul, for the first time. The director is valiantly attempting to get the production ready for opening night. However, with opening night a mere four days away, the author decides to re-write the play, changing the actors’ lines and, worse still, adding a new character. 

The cast of Murder Most Foul are having problems enough learning the original script, let alone learning any new lines and suddenly having to incorporate a new character. Even with the help of the stage manager/prompter and the sound and lighting technician, it seems as though the production is doomed! Anyone who has been involved in rehearsing a play will identify very strongly with the maxim “If anything can go wrong – it will.” Those who know little about the theatre will be enlightened and amused. 

Character Breakdown

Characters who are Actors/Actresses in the Play "Murder Most Foul":

Henry Benish (male, 50s-60s):  A man who tries to please, especially his wife Polly.  He stutters when nervous and has a difficult time staying on track (plays Lord Dudley in the play)

Polly Benish (female, 50s-60s):  An insecure diva.  She loves the attention of center-stage.  She is quick to take offense at any slight, either real or imagined (plays Lady Margaret in the play)

Marla “Smitty” Smith (female, mid-late teens):  A pretty but awkward young girl.  She is a reluctant actress who suffers from stage fright and often forgets her lines (plays Doris the Maid in the play)

Saul Watson (male, 40s):  A bit of a jokester, he loves to stir things up.  His favorite victim is Polly because she is so easy to get a rise out of. Sometimes indulges in a little “liquid courage” off-stage (plays Dr Rex Forbes in the play)

Billy Carew (male, mid-late 20s):  A handsome, high-spirited young man.  He develops a crush on Violet while rehearsing (plays Stephen Sellers in the play)

Violet Imbry (female, mid-late 20s):  A pretty face behind which medical science may someday discover a brain.  She knows her lines, just not always what they mean (plays Diana Lassiter in the play)

Characters who are on the Production Team of the Play "Murder Most Foul":

Aggie Manville (female, 30s+):  the stage manager and prompter, tough and patient.  She is almost “bomb-proof” regarding theatrical disasters.

Gerry Dunbar (female, 40s+):  the director, who is determined to pull together the troubled troupe of thespians, without strangling any of them (or the pretentious playwright)

Louise Pearey (female, 25-40):  the sound-and-lighting-and-set-design technician.  The only thing she doesn’t do backstage is dress the actors.  A bit of an Eeyore.

Phyllis Montague (female, 40s+):  the playwright. A bit ditzy and self-centered, she doesn’t understand why everyone objects to her “little tinkering” with the script

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